August 23, 2017
Unique expression of glass through Estrelas collection

One of our magnificent collection, Estrelas, has a long and complex history of how it became a collection from just an idea. Today, we are going to present you in a few words the story of this assemblage.

A collection doesn’t come to be in two days. But an idea? Well, that is something else. When we first thought of such a collection, we were experimenting with glass, just as most of our products come to life.

We enjoy having unique designs and as well as trying to create new and special shapes with an intricate material such as glass. We find inspiration in common but also unexpected places. In Estrelas’ case, the idea for this special design came to life when we were working on another collection. One of our colleagues noticed the way light hits a curved borosilicate glass surface. It looked like stars on a clear summer sky. We wanted to emphasize this phenomenon, the visualization of concentrated light in the little specs of glass. This is how we came with the idea of a series of products in this direction.

But if you thought everything can take shape rapidly, here is not the case. After we had the idea, the whole process of creation, coming to what Estrelas is today took around 10-15 years. From concept, to design, to what products we should create, to naming and so on.

We wanted to bring a playful, but at the same time a special feel to the tableware design across the world, and we think we did just that. This means a process that takes time because we put passion in everything we do and we aim for perfection in a way that it won’t feel factitious. The playful part comes from the pattern that was created on the surface of the glass. The elegance comes from the naturalness of the raw material we are working with.

Regarding the naming, our main inspiration came through the visualization of the process, just as mentioned earlier in the article. At the same time, it made us think of stars and light, of the sky at night. The pattern on the glass inspired us in a direction where we could mimic a part of the sky and bring it to you through Estrelas. Since “starlight” or “stars” expresses the core of this collection, we did a research for a name that would be just as a star is, warm and elegant. This was the trickiest part.

With so many languages in this world and so many words, we wanted to find the perfect correspondent for our idea. And so, we found this word in the Spanish dictionary, `estrelas`. The word is a translation of the english `stars`. We thought it right for the collection to have this name, because it encapsulates the whole idea, but also the way the products are designed. Being a latin word, it feels closer to the warmness we talked about.

To mention a few of the products that we are proud of, the teapot and teacups are the stars of the collection, but also the vases offer a different feel when coupled with a beautiful bouquet. Every product is an expression of the vastness of the Universe, the beauty of it, the magic that happens above.

Some examples, although we invite you to check the entire collection, are the Estrelas high teapot, Estrelas red wine glass, Estrelas pitcher or Estrelas carafe.

This is the story of how our Estrelas collection came to exist. We hope it will bring you as much joy owning a “piece of the sky” as I did for us, when we created the collection.

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Adrian Stefanescu