About us

Brand Values and Mission

By combining traditional and contemporary art, our mission is to give a new contour to glassware art, one that can inspire upcoming designers into creating unique and timeless objects.
Nature and music are the main inspiration of our designs. Thus, we can state that our mission is to bring them together in a harmonious manner through our glassware.


Unique pieces, produced in limited edition, designed to fulfill customers’ need of beauty and art. Inspired from both the past and the contemporary, Gabriela Seres glassware remain strikingly modern through time.

Quick word about us

Gabriela Seres designs are a unique blend of fire, light, sand and color. Each piece is meticulously handmade by master glassblowers in the brand’s workshop based in Bucharest, Romania. Ranging from glass cups, tea sets, bowls, fruit plates, cake plates - to chandeliers, table lamps and ceiling lamps, the Gabriela Seres glassware develops into a great variety of pieces. Made from a special blend of borosilicate glass, they’re handcrafted with passion, talent, dedication and technical perfection.

Our story

Nature and music offer the inspiration behind the Gabriela Seres glass objects. Luxe and contemporary, the handcrafted glassware made in the Gabriela Seres workshop shows how delicate and smooth her creation process is. Combining the mastery of the craftsmen with the elegant designs of Gabriela Seres, it almost feels like a harmonious waltz between the passion for glass and the prowess of the artisan.

The story goes back to 1976, when young college graduate Gabriela Seres whimsically met Peter Stefanescu in a glass factory. Peter was a master glassblower trained in classical European hand glass blowing techniques. The equilibrium created by the experienced craftsman and the glass-passionate young woman set the foundation for their very own independent art glass enterprise in 1992.

With help from family members and joint savings, they rented an old house in Bucharest that became their magical glass working studio. Having only three craftsmen working along them, the process was not without struggle. Even so, the years passed and they kept working towards their dream. Delighted customers recommended them by word-of-mouth. In a short time, the old rented house in Bucharest became a great and important busy factory. It didn’t take long until they gained pan-European recognition.

Meanwhile, as the glass studio took shape and then transformed into the prestigious factory that it is today, Gabriela Seres, the glass technocrat, worked closely with Italian and French designers. She then discovered her natural flair for designing glass objects d’art. The symphonic process continued her father’s passion for design and it inspired her to create the brand that is Gabriela Seres designs.

Each and every one of the Gabriela Seres pieces are meticulously created by master craftsmen in clear and noble glass, in the brand’s top-notch workshop in Romania. In the present day, the glassware made by Gabriela Seres is retailed at premium international designer stores, such as Lane Crowford (Hong Kong), William Ashley (Canada), T2 Tea (Australia & UK), Roche Bobois (UK), OMA and INV Home (India). The ethereal designs and patterns that inspired many artists worldwide have also received great global recognition from connoisseurs, as well as art and art deco enthusiasts.

How it’s made

Unlike the old factories, which were limited to standard production of laboratory glassware and to a small range of decorative objects made of smooth tubes according to customers’ requested models, we approach a new, original and innovative perspective of glass tube processing, using tubes of different shapes and large diameters.

Molten glass is continuously processed by blowing and constantly turning with hands to obtain the desired shape. Each piece is individually produced, without using molds, over several hours of careful processing by putting in value the native artistic sense of the worker. Once it is finished, the piece of glass is inserted into the annealing oven to remove the internal stresses that occur during processing on the burner.

Some parts are then manually finished by various specific techniques and then such as luster painting, sandblasting, embossing, techniques which give the object a desired harmony between form, material and decoration. Before carrying out quality control, objects are carefully sorted by aesthetic criteria required by the spirit of design. For each piece a Certificate of Authenticity is emitted and signed to attest that the product is handcrafted and of high quality.

Borosilicate glass is a precious, chemically very stable glass due to high quartz content. It is simultaneously an organic glass because of the absence in the chemical composition of any toxic heavy metals (lead, cadmium).

The structure of this material provides outstanding functional qualities to objects for Arts de la Table, such as:
  • high chemical stability in acidic beverages and liquids (lemon juice, vinegar, etc.) 
  • thermal resistance to hot liquids (tea, coffee, punch) 
The objects made by blown glass have thinner walls and less weight, which creates a sense of refinement, sophistication and easy the handling of objects such as soupiere, decanters, table lamps.