July 25, 2017
The process of creating a glass lamp

Our glass lamps are special - the intimate mood they create, the way they light the room through the transparent glass, the effect they have as home decor pieces is unquestionable. They can be used in many ways, from large to small rooms, for events or at home, in offices or bars, coffee shops or restaurants, these being just a few examples.

There are some steps before such lamps get to light up a place. Let us guide you through the creation process and show you the way a glass lamp takes shape in our studio.

Table lamp

You might ask yourself what comes first. Design is not an exact science and creativity is born in strange ways. For example, you can start sketching a vase, but during the process discover that the design seems more fitting for a table lamp.

So, when it comes to the creation stage, anything can happen. As long as it offers a feeling, it can be anything. Glass is such a creative element to play with. The design is the first part in the development of creating a glass lamp.

Sometimes shapes and sizes of table lamps are chosen before the design is finished so it can fit a certain mood.

After creating the concept behind the product and designing the body, additional pieces are added such as lampshades, cabling and other accessories required for a lighting piece. The transparent cables from Italy are embedded organically in our lamps emphasizing the delicacy and elegance of glass.

Cometa Table Lamp

Each of our products are assembled with care. We consider a product to be finalized only after we find the best accessories that harmoniously fit our design as well as making sure it passes our rigorous technical testing.

To us, a glass lamp gives the sense of refinement and creativity. Transparent glass hand worked in our workshop is given original shapes and contours that passes the test of time both through classic design and endurance.

We end our journey as we started it by emphasizing the fact that glass lamps can fit perfectly in any type of decor, contributing to the special mood of the place.

You can see our products in our shop, the lighting collection.