July 13, 2017
Make your wedding special with glass decoration

The wedding is one of those events that stand out in your life. A unique moment of union when all your friends come together. The preparations take a lot, because everything needs to be in place, to impress and make each and every one of your guests feel the authenticity of the occasion.

But did you know glass actually plays an important role in your wedding? Apart from the tradition of breaking the glass, especially popular at Jewish weddings, you can actually create really classy but different decor, at the same time.

Imagine using a glass candleholder on every table and decorating it with beautiful flowers, bouquets, plants or candles. This kind of arrangement can offer a warm feeling of intimacy.

This way, you are creating a unique mood, a memorable experience. If your wedding has a special dancing floor, imagine a sumptuous chandelier above it. You can also use candleholders as centerpieces, for candy bars, for floor vases and table vases.

Carmen candelabra

Imagine a tableware only with glass. It will express the remarkable refinement of your event. It’s something special, light and pure about using glass in weddings and events.

Glass is one of the most versatile elements you can use in wedding decorations. It can work with all the places and ideas you have. If you want a postmodern wedding, or a combination of modern with postmodern, or a classic one, the glass can work with many of your design ideas. Places such as tents, restaurants, seaside, castles, palaces, mountains or chalets can be home to a beautiful wedding with glass decor.

Our sumptuous multiple arm candelabra of 1m and above has been the center of attention many times for this kind of events. Also, our collection of centerpieces play a strong part in weddings, as they offer the elegant feeling regarding drinks and tableware design.

A piece that has the „wow effect” is the detachable Carmen Candelabra made specifically for this type of event. You can use it in many aspects, both with flowers or candles.

Photo Courtesy of Carmen Events

Another thing about glass is its organic feature. Being eco-friendly, food-safe and heat proof, you can serve different kinds of food and drinks. This way, you help the environment, at the same time making your wedding special and elegant.

The conclusion is simple: glass can make your wedding even more special, different and memorable. Making your wedding decor out of glass will create a different feeling to your guests. You can also broaden your perspective and apply your ideas in so many ways using glasses, centerpieces, candelabras, candleholders and many more.

Check out our Wedding collection for more info. You can also contact us for other details or special prices.

Adrian Stefanescu