May 15, 2017
Arabesque Collection - Five O’Clock Tea with Elegance

From the 1880s, when the five o'clock tea took shape and till today, there are plenty of places around the world that celebrate this daily event in their own tradition. As a culture, every nation adapted the five o'clock tea to their style, making it special in so many ways.

This is the case with our newest collection, Arabesque. The target of this collection is to bring the Oriental feel closer to the tea drinker. At the same time, it will beautify tea experiences, revamping every traditional five o'clock tea, into a memorable and elevated experience, no matter the place in the world where you enjoy this moment.

In order to mark the importance of this newest collection, let us invite you on a tour that will show you the way this assortment developed into what it is today.

Arabesque collection

The process of creation

It all started from an experiment. We like to experiment things in the studio, and so, one day, Gabriela Seres asked a worker to put into shape an experimental concept. The debut was from the lines on the tubing of the glass, which is normally straight. In this case, the experiment consisted in twisting the lines so that it would give an impression of endlessness.

In truth, with just twisting the lines, the product wouldn't be of much interest, but as working on the concept, the form inspired an emotion; the emotion of a never ending moment, of course, with a touch of elegance. Although, to arrive at this juncture, it took several tries.

From the success of the experiment, the artist started drawing the first samples. Again, it took many sketches to reach the final version.

After the design landed in it's concluding version, the craftsman began the work and delivered the first teapot. This design was followed by the teacup and the saucer designs. Appearing in the designer’s first catalog, the Arabesque collection was a revolutionary design and feel for the trade.

Arabesque teapot

This year, we added two more sets of teapots and teacups to the Arabesque collection. Talking about the glassblowing technique, this time we pushed it even further by fusing in a controlled way twisted lined glass with clear glass. For us, exploring new design possibilities creates new opportunities, new grounds and emotions to transmit to you.

Arabesque collection

The origin of the name

The name is a mid 17th Century French Word, meaning “Arabic”. Gabriela Seres, being a francophile and admirer of everything French, gave this name in honor of the Arabic culture.

Designed to bring the tea experience a more Oriental feel, the name is shaped right into the twisted thermoresistant glass.

What makes it special

What makes this collection special is the optic effect given by the twisting lines that emphasizes the design. If you watch it closely while holding it, the teacup or the teapot has almost a mesmerizing effect on the eyes. The glass is light and soft to the touch giving the impression of weightlessness.

Due to the collection’s success, we recently expanded the product line of this unique design by adding two more pieces: a creamer and a sugar bowl. These contributes to the already existing three teapots and three teacups as natural complements.

 Arabesque creamer

It's about the moment. Share it

This collection can be a gift to tea lovers or aspiring tea lovers, but not only. The thing about tea is that it's meant to be shared. Sharing a moment during five o'clock tea with the Arabesque line can make the bliss of the moment seem endless.

Technically speaking, the thermoresistant glass makes the tea experience safer and therefore more enjoyable, because you know that the product will resist boiling water. The flat bottom of the teapot can be put on a heater also, as it will not break.

Furthermore, the various shapes of the collection for teapots and the teacups create different choices: the larger teapot is classical and imposing and the matching cups also have saucers, while the other two teapots can be used for a smaller number of people and have teacups without saucer.

It's for all the moments, all the sceneries in which you can share a good cup of tea.

Arabesque collection

In a nutshell

Tea is a way of life and an ancient tradition in the oriental families across the world. The main motivation in designing these tea sets was that the experience, even though traditional, should be nevertheless something special. Adding a touch of design to the meticulously handcrafted products is sure to enhance your tea experience.

An elegant collection, the Arabesque teapots, teacups, sugar bowls and creamers are a glimpse of the Orient through Gabriela Seres’ imagination - clear glass merged with twisted line glass that mesmerize through its perfect crafted execution for an endless moment with the dear ones around a flavorful tea.

Adrian Stefanescu