June 20, 2018
Gabriela Seres @ The Shilla Seoul 2018 - Contemporary Design EU Gateway

Our company was selected in the EU Gateway Mission in Seoul and we got to exhibit and meet amazing new people. The theme of the exhibition was: Contemporary European Design and Gabriela Seres glassware was right at home in a country where beautiful handcrafted products are truly appreciated.

Being one of the selected few companies that had the opportunity to bring their “best-of” collections to the Shilla Hotel in Seoul turned out to be a precious experience. Seeing a different world, with beautiful people encouraged us that we are doing something worthwhile. Our products got immediate recognition from a number of visitors.

At our small, but busy stand we made an impact with our newest collections which premiered in Ambiente and Salone del Mobile a few months prior to Seoul, like:

The Tree of Life Candelabra

The Blossom Collection

Gabriela got really enthusiastic towards participating for the first time in Korea with her creations that she has also made new designs exclusively for this fair:

Gabriela Seres products were well liked and we are proud to announce that Gabriela Seres Estrelas collection will premiere in Korea Summer of 2019.

Hope to see you again really soon, Seoul !


Gabriela and Adrian

Adrian Stefanescu