Celeste Low Teapot

959,00 lei *Price includes VAT 19%


  • Height: 140mm
  • Diameter: 220mm


Manufacturing and Delivery:

  • ready to ship in the EU in 14-21 days
  • packaged in foam and high resistance carton


SKU: 12.562.01

The CELESTE Low Teapot designed by Gabriela Seres has been inspired by clarity and by elegance. It's light appearence and transparent look enhance the color of the wine, creating a breathtaking experience at the five o'clock tea.

Thermoresistant glass has been used to craft this teapot to withstand temperature shocks up to 200 degrees Celsius. The glass is also lead-free and foodsafe. This teapot will be shaping your tea experience with a unique glass design while being practical and durable.


 Food-safe and Lead-free


  Dishwasher Safe


*Price includes VAT 19%