ELYSEE Decanter and ELYSEE Red Wine Glass (set of 4)

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2.997,00 lei *Price includes VAT 19%


  • Height: Carafe - 440mm; Red Wine Glass - 255mm
  • Diameter: Carafe - 160mm; Red Wine Glass - 105mm


Manufacturing and Delivery:

  • ready to ship in the EU in 7-14 days
  • packaged in foam and high resistance carton


SKU: 1.645 | 2.440

The ELYSEE Decanter and Red Wine Glasses designed by Gabriela Seres is completely handmade. Exceptionally stable glass was used for this decanter. The shape and size were proportionally measured to give the perfect wine experience.

Refined red wine can very well be enjoyed by scent or by color in these beautiful transparent glasses and decanter. The lines inside the glass bring the scent and subtle aromas to life with every swirl. The handcrafted stem is elegant and supple in the hand. For a true elegant experience of wine.

Comes in a set of 4 glasses and 1 decanter

 10% Discount from individual prices if bought as set (Discount included) 

 Food-safe and Lead-free


  Dishwasher Safe


*Price includes VAT 19%