LAB Cognac Distillation Kit

€86.00 *Price includes VAT 19%

Inspired by laboratory glassware this functional cognac distillation unit is the perfect gift for your friends. This will turn a bit of wine into it's refined and stronger self.

How to use:

1. Add a bit of wine into the distillation flask.

2. Add water and some ice to the cooling spiral.

3. Put the little cup under the output of the cooler.

4. Add alcohol / medicinal alcohol to the burner.

5. Light up the burner and place it under the flask where the wine is.

6. Wait 5-10 minutes adding ice to the cooler.

7. Wow everyone with your distillation skills.


 Food-safe and Lead-free


 Dishwasher Safe - not the wooden parts, though


*Price includes VAT 19%